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Reverse Engineering Amazon

My name is Cameron Siskowic. I am one of the founders of Millennial Millionaires and the author of the new eBook "Reverse Engineering Amazon." This is my niche business. I open up and share each and every secret with you. I work with an Amazon Agency that specializes in maximizing your profit and ensuring you are getting paid what you are owed. The first 30 students will have full access for just 10.99. I also have a 30 Video course at

Free Money For All

Well free money for most sellers anyhow. Do you want to get a video on your detail listing page? We work with an agency that can do it within Amazon's TOS. Please email me for pricing. 

Would you like one on one coaching showing you how to rank on Page 1 for any desired keyword? 

Email me at 

Does it feel like you just aren't as profitable as you should be?

We work with an Amazon agency that can help you RECONCILE payments. Amazon makes mistakes commonly with payouts. NO upfront cost!

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I am looking for Partners

I am not saying I am an expert

This was the first 8 Months of my private label business. I am happy to teach and I believe I am one of the best at transparently sharing information as quickly as possible. BUT after the recent success of my book "REVERSE ENGINEERING AMAZON," I have had a flux of sellers and Go-Getters just starting out asking advice. I am looking for people with much more experience than myself who can give you tailored advice and properly consult you into a position to make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling on Amazon. 


Help me so that we can help everyone else. I will be adding one video a week to my course with most up to date information. 

As you will see below I have many passions

After reading my book, I hope you recognize my ultimate reason for living is to give back to the world and help leave it better than we found it. My goal is to find a team of leaders willing to take the time and put in the work to share information the rest of the world on a massive level. I may already have a few in mind ;) 

Add a video to your product detail page


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See proof to the left. We now have the Amazon choice sticker as well. To organically rank on Page 1 for any search term you need to have a video explaining how your product works. 

Amazon Seller Central Reconciliation


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Do you feel like the payouts from Amazon are always less than they should be? That is because they probably are! They make a LOT of honest mistakes that spent over a hundred hours trying to reconcile with NO LUCK. I now work with an agency that looks into this at absolutely no up front cost to you! Recently we have seen on some message board Amazon has been freezing accounts for allowing third parties to reconcile funds. We need to explain to you clearly how to avoid this. For this reason we need to do a 15 Minute consultation call that will only cost you $20 to cover our time and effort. 

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Pay and Rent or buy and Flip?#liveitflipit

People keep asking what my next book is going to be about

We are actively looking for a real estate Millionaire Millennial to help us teach people how to make money where they live instead of paying to live where they live. 

I have personally bought and sold over 4Million Dollars of real estate and now have learned some fascinating secrets about the vacation rental market in Las Vegas and around the world. I am looking for a real expert as a partner with much more experience than I.  It may be questionable to still consider myself a Millionaire at this point so I guess I will need some help. 

We TRIPLED our nightly rentals

It may be questionable to still consider myself a Millionaire at this point so I guess I will need some help. There are so many nuances and tricks and secrets to vacation rental SEO that it would take a whole book for me to write about all of it. So I did. It will be coming out soon. #liveitflipit

It's all about the PURCHASE

You have to know the where, before you can find the why in real estate. 

This was my first big real estate purchase.  A grey shell I was in way over my head with, and profited just over 6 figures. 

Our philosophy is to buy, live, rent it for double usual rent. And sell for profit. And, to always market with a massive 79 inch TV. 

You might as well enjoy living in it

Las Vegas Penthouse at Mandarin Oriental

Why waste money on rent

Living at the Mandarin Oriental for one year and profiting over 6 figures was not too bad. The glass doors to the theater room was a headache but the room service and the spa made up for it. 

Theater Room with Murphy Bed and Peter Lik in Las Vegas Penthouse at Mandarin Oriental

Had fun building this cozy theater room

Is that a 79 Inch Sony 4K Ultra TV? Yep

Is that a Peter Lik? Yep

Is that a Murphy Bed? Yep

Is that a swing table? Yep

Is that a fireplace coffee table and a hanging Egg meant for patio furniture? Yep and Yep

Did you over furnish just a tad. Yep

Is that a 007 hidden bathroom behind that accent wall? Maybe

I'm ready for you to learn from all my many mistakes if you are. 

Vibrating bathtub at Veer Towers Penthouse

Live and Flip Lifestyle

Enjoy, Experience, Live, Indulge and then give back. 

The Cambodian Field of Dreams Wake Up Call

The human brain is an incredible pattern-matching machine. -Jeff Bezos


Consultants with a purpose

Young people helping young people right the wrongs once and for all!

See all the ins and outs of the business of entrepreneurs who are willing to share the information with the betterment of the world.